Boost productivity of plastic injection molding by up to 45% by using Rapid Inject.

An innovative product

suitable for parts of any size, weight and thickness.

RAPID INJECT® RI 500 is a 100% polypropylene, specially treated granule which, when added in small quantities to your raw materials, will save you time and money. This innovative new product changes melting and cooling characteristics of PP and HDPE, improving productivity of injection molding. RAPID INJECT® RI 600 significantly decreases cooling cycle time, without major modification of the initial settings on the tools or machines. It's been sold in Europe and North Africa for many years under the name Speed Inject.

Better productivity

Productivity improvement up to 45% with PP (Polypropylene) and HDPE (High-density polyethylene)


Faster demolding (about 20°C earlier) enables lower cooling cycle time


Safe to use in food commodities, medical grade items and cosmetics (FDA)

Energy efficient

Reduces heating process by many degrees (less heat in the mold)


Increased fluidity eases cavity filling and problematic areas of the mold


Does not alter physical or structural integiry of the end product.


Does not alter optical qualities (transparency and color)


Facilitates injection of recycled material (better fluidity and sturdiness)


Eases demolding of parts and sprues


Can be used to quickly purge molds and machines



Usually between 0.5% and 1%

Technical Data

Physical Standard Unit Value
Apparent density ISO 1183 g/cm3 0.9
Grade MFR (230°C/2.16kg) ISO 1133 g/10min 3.5
Mechanical Standard Unit Value
Traction ISO 527-2 Mpa 26.0
Flexion ISO 178 g/10min 1150
Choc Charpy (23°C) ISO 1789/1Ea kJ/m2 16
Thermal Standard Unit Value
HDT (stress of 0.45 MPa) ISO 75-2/B °C 88
Vicat ISO 306/A °C 151


RAPID INJECT® RI 600 is delivered as translucent granules.

We recommend stocking the product in a dry warehouse for a maximum of 2 years.

12.7 Kg Bags

952 Kg Pallets

Made in France by:


*Certifications, technical data sheet and safety data sheet are available upon request.

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A 52,9 seconds cycle without Rapid Inject®


A 38,6 seconds cycle with Rapid Inject®


Contact us now to request an onsite test, free of charge.
 We provide efficient support throughout all your material testing.

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